At Red Citadel Resources, we promote dynamic and innovative mineral exploration focused on securing and developing low cost marine mineral deposits located on continental shelves. Our ambition is to become a sustainable low cost producer of phosphate rock by developing our flagship Deep Blue project, a potentially large high grade marine phosphate deposit located on the Peruvian continental shelf. 




An in-house technical and economic scoping study for project Deep Blue confirms that ultra-low cost operations (OPEX US$13/t, CAPEX US$53/t) can be achieved by leveraging conventional point suction dredging technology combined with an onshore beneficiation process. This is a unique competitive advantage which positions RCR to potentially be one of the lowest cost producers of phosphate concentrate in the world.

The principals of RCR have extensive experience in deploying marine exploration programs, dealing with local community concerns and managing complex approvals processes. 


Leadership supported by our complimentary skills in the variety of areas such as geology, mining engineering, finance and investment management is a key component of success of our venture.

44 seabed cores across nine sites have been recovered on the Deep Blue shelf with penetration under the seafloor ranging from 100m-400m. In 35 seabed cores, the visual logging and subsequent chemical analysis outlines the presence of massive phosphatic minerals in continuous sections of 20m-100m starting from the seafloor (no overburden).

Phosphate rock (current price FOB US$104/t) is a finite non-renewable commodity used for the production of agricultural fertilizers. Analyst consensus for long term prices is FOB US$158/t in 2025.


RCR's business case is conservatively based on a long term FOB price of US$128/t.


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